Clinton Cadderly

Royalty (or so he believes), a broker of knowledge, and a fantastic bartender


A 12th Generation Malkavian, a broker of knowledge and secrets, a self-convinced royal who believes everyone around him are his loving subjects for whom he must care for at all costs.


Clinton doesn’t remember much from before the Embrace, but he is convinced of his noble, royal lineage (thanks to his Embrace, which helped him realise and remember his greatness) and that everyone around him are his loyal subjects. Trained from the first night to use his abilities to gather information for his maker, Clinton came to learn that something awful is coming, a large wave of trouble brought in by a sunset that has not yet come, on a horizon that is not yet seen. Both he and Geneve Danaher, his maker, were trying to prepare as much as possible for it even if neither understand the reasons behind the impulse.

Then Geneve vanished. Clinton was lost and decidedly very upset when Geneve disappeared (losing a subject is always disconcerting for a prince after all) but, as Malkavians are wont to do, continues to find reasons to remain delighted. For Clinton, that delight is his work managing and bartending at the Lantern, his very own bar in a quaint little boutique hotel owned by Malcolm. At the Lantern, he “conveniently” overhears conversation from both the mortal and kindred customers as he, behind the bar, holds court for his loyal subjects and listens to their woes and stories with a sympathetic ear.

Outwardly calm and composed, and always dressed smartly in a 3-piece suit (for royalty must always be dressed properly for any occasion) with a small black iron tiara on his head (as befitting his station), Clinton always keeps his ears open for any new information, whether it be politics or the more mundane goings on in the city. He also seeks clues to the whereabouts of his maker (which he is still a bit miffed about being abandoned by as such behaviour is very unbecoming of a royal subject after all.) He views information as more meaningful than worthless mortal wealth, and is always ready to trade what he knows for a favour… or perhaps two. Noblesse oblige, after all.

Clinton Cadderly

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