Malcolm Summer

An Impatient, Stubborn Businessman



Malcolm is a 9th Generation Lasombra sired by the vampire Luther Featherbough. He’s also the owner of The Crimson, a hotel in St. Marthe City.


As a human, Malcolm went by another name. It was important only in reminding him of the things he could never have, and thus was the first to go alongside what little remained of his humanity. Malcolm was the bastard child of a rich businessman and a whore, and grew up fostering a rotting resentment for his father for abandoning him and his mother. His life was dedicated to taking down his father’s and half-brother’s business empire. Tireless work built him up to be quite a successful entrepreneur, and it was this single-minded drive for success that he directed towards the destruction of his father’s assets.

It was his will that captured his sire’s attention, and this same will that allowed him to survive Luther’s tests with his sense of self more or less intact. Their relationship was not a smooth one at the start owing to Malcolm’s defiant nature, but it simmered down to healthy respect and obligation in recent decades. After all, all Malcolm knew in life was vengeance; Luther gave him a more productive direction in what is proving to be a long, tedious existence.

Malcolm is a languid individual who finds most things not worth his time or energy. There are very few situations that can galvanize him to the intensity that the Lasombra are known for, or even the basis for his selection, but fortunately one of them includes spite. And in an old city suddenly full of encroaching Kindred, there’s a lot to be spiteful about.

Malcolm Summer

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