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Welcome to St. Marthe!

The Camarilla's rust bucket of the north, St. Marthe is an out-of-the-way and unimportant stronghold of the Masquerade that has survived in the Sabbat-dominated Great Lakes region for centuries. Once a fur trader's fort, St. Marthe expanded rapidly when iron deposits were discovered nearby and the mines and smelting manufactories brought people and jobs to the region. The sprawling growth of the settlement, however, was temporarily hindered as it was split into two by the establishment of the U.S.-Canadian border along the river. Tariffs and Prohibition made smuggling a popular vocation on both sides of the river, but it was really when taxes were relaxed that St. Marthe found its legs again through automobile plants and steel mills. Again, this expansion was cut short by another economic decline, and much of the twin city fell into dereliction… until recently. As tech companies and other entrepreneur start-ups come in, attracted by the cheap real estate of empty warehouses and abandoned factories, the city is changing again. St. Marthe survived the wars between the Camarilla and Sabbat through obscurity; will bringing prominence to this run-down town change that age-old defense? And will those who have lived there in the shadows for centuries allow that change to come to them?

This is Northern Nights.

The Coterie

  • Malcolm Summer, 9th Generation Lasombra, owner of the Crimson.
  • Franklin James, 10th Generation Ventrue, real-music aficionado
  • Clinton Cadderly, 12th Generation Malkavian, "royal" bartender of the Lantern.
  • Nina "Nicolette" Sawyer-Garcia, 12th Generation Toreador, in desire of a perfect HR engine.

The Locales

  • The Crimson, a boutique hotel and hunting ground of the coterie. Contains the Lantern and an Italian bistro.
  • The Lantern, the hotel bar and Clinton's information brokerage.
  • Fort Tarascon, historical site by the river and nominally Elysium.
  • Yuk Yuk's, a comedy club domain of a nearby coterie.

The Others


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